When Goldilocks Met Dr. Seuss

I said to Glen the other day…Have we been here two weeks now? Nope. We’ve been here three. Then my sister, Chris asked me…Does it feel like three months will be too long or not long enough or just right? (Don’t worry. I’m not going to “Goldilocks” this story. Or maybe…) This got me toContinue reading “When Goldilocks Met Dr. Seuss”

Black Beans on a Breakfast Taco. Really?!?

One of the great wonders of a place like NYC are the incredibly limitless supply of food options. I’ve learned to use the wealth of options through Eater. Virtually infinite. AND for someone that loves food, well . . . I met with a couple of friends / clients (Jim and Matthew of GGI) yesterdayContinue reading “Black Beans on a Breakfast Taco. Really?!?”