I have become quite fond of my early mornings here in Brooklyn. I usually get up before 6 and have an hour or two to just be with myself and think. I used to fill this space by turning on the TV or logging on to my computer. Not as much any more.

This morning I woke up even a bit earlier. The emotions came washing over me. It didn’t hurt that I checked my phone, saw a notice of a Brodie Brazil post on BoMel and the A’s and went and watched (if you get a chance and enjoy “humanness” I highly recommend).

Mission Accomplished!!

I’ve experienced these short periods of life that have left me somehow fundamentally “changed”. Chico State from fall ’79 to spring ’83. My journey with cancer from May ’08 to February ’09 (and beyond). My “experience” in SoCal from late ’86 to early ’91. All of these, if not exclusively were primarily about me and my growth and maturity.

This was about US!!

So, as we pack up and jump in the rental Rav4, I really hesitate to use the term “back to CA” or “return home”. Developmentally I really need to see this as evolve and advance. I believe in life in those terms. Yes, it can be a bit unbalanced.

You have changed US forever Brooklyn. THANK YOU!!

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60 something retirees (or semi-retirees) learning to live differently

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