Something Old, Something New

Glen alluded to approaching the “end” of our time here in New Orleans. It’s no different than many other “endings” that we as humans experience. There’s a sense of loss and of sadness. And yet, there’s also excitement at the thought of returning home. Home to family and friends. To the comfort of a placeContinue reading “Something Old, Something New”

“I Don’t Care; I’m Just a Hater!”

I really feel my own adaptability increasing. It is great to experience. This morning, we headed over to Brennens for breakfast without a reservation (adaptable point #1) . Our plan (some things still held onto tightly) was to arrive as they opened. AND if we were not able to get a table, we’d head overContinue reading ““I Don’t Care; I’m Just a Hater!””

There It Is Again . . . NOISE

Jason Kidd and Jurgen Klopp beware! Over the course of the last two plus days I’ve experienced wildly swing emotions around sports. Truth? I am unable to enjoy or even manage my emotions around sports. I get emotional. My ability and inability to watch some and not others fascinate me. Makes me wonder. MUCH! WhenContinue reading “There It Is Again . . . NOISE”