And you may ask yourself…

Out of sequence, but I want to share a bit about David Byrne’s American Utopia show? Concert? TedTalk?

Visually, its simplicity was stunning. It opens with Byrne seated at a square table in the center of the stage. He’s holding a “brain” in his hands. As the stage curtain rises, around the sides and back of the stage, curtains of beads that look like water falling, begin to rise. It gave me the sense of David being seated in the center of the 9/11 Memorial fountain (a square) with the curtains being the outside walls and waterfalls. I couldn’t help but see it as symbolic.

I’ll let Glen share more about the show as he’s the David Byrne/Talking Heads fan, but I do want to share one take away from the show. And there were many thought-provoking moments…

Toward the end, he talked about the pandemic and said something like …if we’ve learned one thing through it all, it’s that once everything is stripped away and we’re left with what truly matters, we’re only left with two things. “You and me. Us.”

Us. Full circle back to Glen’s post(s) about the circle of life and our shared purpose in this Brooklyn adventure. Us.

And thank you for being part of our “us” and joining us on this journey of “us”.

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