Can We? Will We?


Rage. Don’t tell me that the “leaker” should be prosecuted. Don’t tell me, “Trust in the Supreme Court has been weakened by the leak.” Don’t tell me, “The Supreme Court Justice candidates didn’t lie during their hearings.” Bullshit. It’s not about “Christian” values. It’s not about the life of a child. It’s about control andContinue reading “RAGE”

We Go Again

I have spoken of my love of sports. I have spoken of how sports and my brain and my life intersect. I’ve also spoken of my recently found fondness of Liverpool Football Club (LFC). I have also spoken of my current inability to watch Warrior games in full. There is something that occurs in meContinue reading “We Go Again”

Learning . . . Forever

I used to call these “things” epiphanies. I don’t any more. I use the term “connecting the dots”. It seems to me that one could have only so many epiphanies in life, certainly no more than a handful. AND there was really no way, in my mind, to language around theIr magnitude. Large epiphany? RelativelyContinue reading “Learning . . . Forever”

And Then There is This

Coming to NOLA I was so curious and excited to explore and that included doing something JDT and I love to do, EAT! I really wanted to explore from fine ding to truly hole in the wall dives. From traditional NOLA fare to the edges of other cuisines. From the well established to the newContinue reading “And Then There is This”


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