Can We? Will We?


You know how you don’t think that you’re thinking about anything and then realize that some thoughts are coming together and maybe there’s a blogpost forming in your mind? Yah. Me neither. And yet I find myself having thoughts… Glen and I have belonged to “The Next Big Idea Club” (NBIC) for years. It’s aContinue reading “Stardust”


“Hope is the last thing you lose.” José Alcaraz Five – Home from Europe for 5 days. Hope. Hope that Glen can gain some strength. Gain some weight. Feel better. Sixteen – UCSF for 16 days. Hope. Hope that the doctors can help him gain strength. Gain weight Feel better. Five – Home for 5Continue reading “Five-Sixteen-Five”


Does anybody really know what normal is? Does anybody really care? (You should be singing a Chicago song as you read those questions…) I spent many of my professional years working with my friend, Diane and hundreds of teachers to raise our capacity to successfully teach students learning English as their second (third or fourth)Continue reading “Normal”

Is Gratitude a Platitude?

Hmmm…Is it trite? Does it roll off of our tongues too quickly and easily? Is it possible that it’s overused as a term? For years I wrote regular “gratitudes” on Facebook. Something like this on a day like today: Gratitude 1) air conditioning to dull the heat wave outside our windows 2) health insurance thatContinue reading “Is Gratitude a Platitude?”


If you haven’t read the last post with the long title … read it before this short follow up. I was driving home from the hospital when I realized that Annie Lamont forgot one. She forgot grace. The prayer of grace. Grace is the prayer that gives you strength. The grace to be patient withContinue reading “Grace”

For those of you who haven’t known Glen for long…and for those who have…

GTPTOH – Glen Thomas Path to Perfect Health ( if you are interested in that journey) – That was the name of Glen’s blog that he started in 2008 when he received his cancer diagnosis. He started off as the sole author and as he went further into treatment, I took over. Luckily for hisContinue reading “For those of you who haven’t known Glen for long…and for those who have…”

Dreams and Drama

Trying to figure out what I want to say here as I sit in the bougie British Airways First Class Lounge. I said on IG yesterday that I was a bundle of emotions. Gratitude – I mean…”First Class Lounge”. Nuff said. And trying to get home with Glen in his current state without that accessContinue reading “Dreams and Drama”

#ILoveNice…I think…

So. Nice. It’s been a weird time for us/me. Pretty much as soon as we got here, we knew we were leaving. Unpack? Don’t unpack? Get some food staples? Skip it? Do research on what I want to do with the time that we have here? Skip it and just wander? The answers are…don’t unpack.Continue reading “#ILoveNice…I think…”

As Our Time Dwindles

It is Sunday morning here in Nice, the end of a week. We begin our journey home on Tuesday and arrive Wednesday evening, California time. I have been so overwhelmed by an incredible variety of emotions. Jim Kelley always talked about different kinds of emotions. In has words, real and fake. Two simple examples –Continue reading “As Our Time Dwindles”


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