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Local Travel Blog Alert!!!

Lucky me! I got to spend a couple nights in San Francisco thanks to my dear friend, Lorraine. And it was to celebrate my birthday…one more year til Medicare! LOL So please enjoy the photos of San Francisco and a few tidbits of information…and that’s it! The photos entering the city don’t do it justice.Continue reading “Local Travel Blog Alert!!!”

Hmmm…where to start?

And this is where I get confused…Is this blog a journal? A diary? (Are those two things different?) A travel blog? Just some drivel coming to my (our) brain? Clearly, we haven’t been traveling so currently this isn’t exactly a travel blog – though we do live in a beautiful area and there are plentyContinue reading “Hmmm…where to start?”

August 23, 2022

August 23, 2022 was the day we started our two day journey back home from Europe. The photo below was taken by Joyce in the Nice airport. I believe Joyce was reluctant until she understood my reasoning. Have you ever been sick, really sick, while traveling? I’m a big whiner when I am sick. WeContinue reading “August 23, 2022”

It Has Been A While

I believe my last post was August 18th, nearly two months ago. Too Long! In that post I told you we were heading home from our European adventure. And head home we did. Joyce has told you a little about the last two months. I won’t go into any great detail about it in thisContinue reading “It Has Been A While”


There’s something narcissistic about being a writer. Something egocentric or self-centered. I mean…it’s weird thinking that my thoughts put to paper would interest anyone. Why would people read our blog? Our “travelogue” posts are just a small portion of our posts and some of the most read posts aren’t really about travel. (I can’t believeContinue reading “Writers”


You know how you don’t think that you’re thinking about anything and then realize that some thoughts are coming together and maybe there’s a blogpost forming in your mind? Yah. Me neither. And yet I find myself having thoughts… Glen and I have belonged to “The Next Big Idea Club” (NBIC) for years. It’s aContinue reading “Stardust”


“Hope is the last thing you lose.” José Alcaraz Five – Home from Europe for 5 days. Hope. Hope that Glen can gain some strength. Gain some weight. Feel better. Sixteen – UCSF for 16 days. Hope. Hope that the doctors can help him gain strength. Gain weight Feel better. Five – Home for 5Continue reading “Five-Sixteen-Five”


Does anybody really know what normal is? Does anybody really care? (You should be singing a Chicago song as you read those questions…) I spent many of my professional years working with my friend, Diane and hundreds of teachers to raise our capacity to successfully teach students learning English as their second (third or fourth)Continue reading “Normal”


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