Can We? Will We?

Is Happiness a Place?

Great minds think alike. Glen texted me yesterday saying that he’d written a post. I had been making some mental (and recorded) notes about thoughts that had been rolling around in my head. And since we’ve returned, many people who I didn’t even know were reading our blog, reached out and asked us to continue.Continue reading “Is Happiness a Place?”

It’s Been A While

The Holidays. They are so fascinating to me. And maybe not for the reasons you might think. It’s been 4 weeks since we arrived back in CA. And don’t get me wrong, it has been wonderful to be with our children, see some friends and spend time with my wonderful clients. I do love themContinue reading “It’s Been A While”

Notes from the Road

Stream of thoughts. recollections, wonderings, and questions coming… While leaving Brooklyn was a paradox (two things can be true per Glen) – it was incredibly sad AND there was also the anticipation of getting home to family, friends and familiarity. The sadness was ameliorated because I was looking forward to having a visit with myContinue reading “Notes from the Road”

Did I Ever Tell You?

One late afternoon, Glen and I were walking on a busy street in a Brooklyn neighborhood that we hadn’t been to more than once or twice. At that hour, there are always lots of people out and about – school kids, parents and strollers, workers coming home, tourists ;-), etc. . As a group ofContinue reading “Did I Ever Tell You?”


Day three of our drive through the drive across began early again. We left that city with too much ugly orange and made our way from the rolling hills of Eastern Tennessee to westernmost Tennessee and Memphis. We approached the city and began to talk about lunch. Mostly on the road during these ambitious drivesContinue reading “OMGosh!!!”

Street Crossing, Part II

Sometimes life is just perfect!! We began what I call our drive through the drive across states. Yesterday afternoon and last night we were with JDT’s niece and her family. They are wonderful with three under nine and it was Halloween. Well, let’s just say I am not as young as I once was. WeContinue reading “Street Crossing, Part II”

And you may ask yourself…

Out of sequence, but I want to share a bit about David Byrne’s American Utopia show? Concert? TedTalk? Visually, its simplicity was stunning. It opens with Byrne seated at a square table in the center of the stage. He’s holding a “brain” in his hands. As the stage curtain rises, around the sides and backContinue reading “And you may ask yourself…”


I have become quite fond of my early mornings here in Brooklyn. I usually get up before 6 and have an hour or two to just be with myself and think. I used to fill this space by turning on the TV or logging on to my computer. Not as much any more. This morningContinue reading “Reflecting”

The Long Goodbye

This morning I leashed up Dug and headed out for our last morning walk. I was going to turn right, but saw Earl and Bob out front so I wanted to go say a quick goodbye and thank them. Oops. I couldn’t find my voice. Or I didn’t trust my voice. I paused and managedContinue reading “The Long Goodbye”

Squeezing and Squishing

Yesterday took me to Midtown. My friend, Julie told me about an historical fiction novel about the JP Morgan’s librarian. It’s based on a real woman whose brilliance not only got her the position, but also enabled her to socialize with the NY elite (think Carnegies and Vanderbilts) hiding the fact that she was AfricanContinue reading “Squeezing and Squishing”


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