The Long Goodbye

This morning I leashed up Dug and headed out for our last morning walk. I was going to turn right, but saw Earl and Bob out front so I wanted to go say a quick goodbye and thank them. Oops. I couldn’t find my voice. Or I didn’t trust my voice. I paused and managed to get it together to tell them that we are leaving tomorrow and that we SO appreciated their support and kindness during our stay. They responded by saying that they were sorry to see us go. AND they told me that we are part of the Halsey Street family. I was touched, but true to my usual avoidance of a final goodbye, I pivoted to humor, found my voice and said, “Great! We’re coming to your house for Thanksgiving”! We all got a chuckle out of that and then Dug and I walked into the sunset. Not really. We just moseyed on down the street with misty eyes and took a good long look around. This neighborhood would never get boring. I always see something new and something familiar.

Halsey and neighboring streets…one last time…

That’s “my bodega”. They have been so nice to me here. I go just about every day for a little something. Okay. Ice cream. And ice.
Our neighbors just hanging out on a Saturday afternoon – talking over the gate. That’s Mike on the right.
I barely caught Glen coming down the street greeting Violet. She’s camera shy.
On the other side of this park (and the next one) is a large school. Lots of kids walk past our house twice a day going to and from school. You know I loved that!
This is the park on the corner. Lots of basketball goes on here…among other things.
Remember the “Trash” post? Those cans really need to go somewhere else. And yet…it’s part of the unique charm!
If you look closely, you can see Melvin in the yard. He’s blowing the leaves again. He’s also camera shy.
You can see that Melvin has been here. He’s working his way down the block.
I’m a sucker for a red door.
I’m also a sucker for old ironworks.
More beauty – in the eyes of the beholder.
It’s Halloween. I really wanted to hang some spooky stuff off that tree.
Summer hanging on?
Such a pretty entrance.
I need to collect all of the street art into one post. So much talent.
We passed this building just about every day and I never figured out what it is. I think it was a fire station and now it seems to be some sort of a community staging area. I think it would be a great reno and make a couple loft-style apartments.
So much variety in the townhome architecture.
This red brick is pretty prolific in BedStuy.
This is a close up of the relief on the sides of the doors on the red brick building. I thought it was interesting.
I already forgot what this building was originally, but it sure would make a good haunted house now! No disrespect.
A gentleman saw me admiring these buildings so he stopped to tell me a bit about them. They are among the first in BedStuy.
A look down the street as we returned to the house.
Back home from our walk.
276 Halsey Street

I’m not ready for goodbye.

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