Squeezing and Squishing

Yesterday took me to Midtown. My friend, Julie told me about an historical fiction novel about the JP Morgan’s librarian. It’s based on a real woman whose brilliance not only got her the position, but also enabled her to socialize with the NY elite (think Carnegies and Vanderbilts) hiding the fact that she was African American. So, of course I had to go visit the library. The best part of it is the actual building and rooms that are essentially in their original form. Quite a stunning building and the antiquities!

From there I wandered into Grand Central Station, NYC Main Library, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and on to Central Park and Columbus Circle.

We ended our day picking Tim up at Penn Station, eating dinner and then enjoying a Rangers game. The game was great and oh boy…I forgot what it’s like to be surrounded by a bunch of really drunk guys at a sporting event (NOT Glen and Tim!).

Great seats!
Subway fun!

Soaking up every last drop of NYC.

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