Street Crossing, Part II

Sometimes life is just perfect!!

We began what I call our drive through the drive across states. Yesterday afternoon and last night we were with JDT’s niece and her family. They are wonderful with three under nine and it was Halloween. Well, let’s just say I am not as young as I once was.

We spent the morning and early afternoon driving from Northern VA diagonally down to Eastern Tennessee. We’re staying on the outskirts of, as Blair puts it, that town with a bunch of ugly orange. LOL!!

We decided not to dine in as we drive through the drive across. We, and frankly the vast majority in NYC are practicing safe habits. Down here, much less. So, upon arrival in that ugly orange town, we were hungry so we got takeout from a place nearby (a short walk). A short while later, JDT wanted a Wendy’s Frosty and I wanted some milk to go with the cookies we baked for the journey. We walked down to the Wendy’s. OH NO, the “dining room” wasn’t open, so I proceeded to see if I could walk through the drive through. Talk about strange looks from the people in their cars in front and behind me. Well, they wouldn’t take my order. Killjoys!!

We spotted a minimart as part of a gas station across the road. I proceeded to start to cross the road, and wait for it . . . JDT asked, “where is the cross walk”. OMGoodness, I nearly died laughing. The picture as part of this post is looking back with the Wendy’s on the right (see the Wendy’s outline) and the minimart on the left.

How many southern institutions can you make out from the photo?

Sometimes life is just too perfect!!

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