Driving Miss Joyce

I know many of you will have similar stories – different locations, different times…similar challenges.

Let’s go back 32+ years. Glen and I were on our honeymoon in Spain. We started in London, made our way to Paris and then took the train to Barcelona. From there we rented a car and headed south. It was July 1989. We were young (ish!), in love, and still figuring out how to work through our marital challenges. Who am I kidding? Still figuring it out!

Tossa de mar, Costa Brava 1989

Glen differs with me on the location of this event, but you’ll agree with me in a minute. We were in Alicante in the south of Spain. We had a little rental car and since this was WAY before Gore’s invention of the internet (snark snark), we were getting around the old-fashioned way – with a map! Glen was driving and I was navigating…sort of – it’s not my best talent. We were tired, grumpy, likely hungry and couldn’t find our hotel as we got into town. The streets were narrow, a bunch were one way and everything was in… a foreign language-Spanish! Many of you know that I speak some Spanish, but when pushed to be the responsible communicator, I get a bit intimidated. So there might have been a little yelling, perhaps even tears, but I don’t think so. Glen wanted me to get out of the car and go ask someone for help. As I remember it, I got out of the car alright, but it was because I was done…divorce was imminent! And Glen drove off. We’d made it two-ish weeks, but I’d had it (Glen might have had it too)! Which is why I KNOW that we were in Alicante. The emotion of that moment is seared into my memory and heart. I can picture the street we were on and the corner on which I stood watching him drive away and I swear, if I went back, I could find that corner in a minute! I can’t remember how we solved our problem, but somehow we got back together, found our hotel, and saved our marriage.

Fast forward to 2021 heading to Long Island. We Ubered to JFK from Brooklyn (took Uber Pets with Dug) to pick up a rental car. Glen was driving and with two map websites open on my phone, I was navigating. Sort of. What could go wrong? All was well for about 30 seconds. Seriously. I missed a turn and we circled around the airport. Glen remained very calm. Ok. No problem. Around we go. Whoops. Missed a different turn. Three times a charm? Yep. Made it out of the airport and got the car pointed in the right direction. And we’re still married.

On we drove trying to be relaxed, retired travelers with all the time in the world to meander, wander, explore and even get lost. We did pretty well for the rest of the day though I must admit, navigating is still not my thing-there we’re a few more missed turns. But as Glen has recently written about having a philosophy of “continuous improvement” as part of a “meaningful life”, I’m trying. That’s the best I can do.

And WOW. It’s amazing what you can buy on Long Island with your $32 million in spare change! Anyone?

Okay. This one wasn’t $32 million. Maybe $18?

More photos to come.

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2 thoughts on “Driving Miss Joyce

  1. Hi Joyce and Glen, too,

    I’ll try once again to leave a reply to your Brooklyn blog. Hopefully I will do it right and this reply will be sent, not erased. I am and have enjoying/ed your descriptions, humor, information – and OH the PHOTOS, simply gorgeous, of your three month adventure on the east coast. Thank you for allowing me this window into your travels – something I long to do again.




    1. Bennetta,

      YES, your reply worked. AND I hope you know your example has been a HUGE inspiration for us. The way you and your husband found a way to travel together and apart provided us with a sense of permission or even challenge to find our best way. While our time together has been extremely limited you have touched JDT deeply and through her, me.

      Be well!



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