Siri and The Hamptons

Turns out…Siri is a better navigator than me. She got us to all of our destinations yesterday without one missed turn. Okay. There was one…but it all worked out, as it always does.

Here are some photos (I was going to say a few, but I had trouble narrowing it down to a few!) from our two day foray into life in The Hamptons. We agree that it’s a place we’d love to return to for…maybe two months. We think September and October would be nice because it’s clear that during high season the traffic and crowds would be a NIGHTMARE!

Two days and two types of weather. On our way back to our hotel it showered then poured for about an hour.
There is still lots of left over “summer” color. Fall color seems to be coming late to southeastern New York.
He LOVES the sand. HATES the water. So much for LABradoodle!
Pretty church. LOVE the color.
There were places where I thought I might have been in Montana which for me is a plus. I feel most at home in wide-open spaces where I can see a great distance. I love a big view. Glen loves the woods environment.
The “villages” all very quaint. We didn’t do much exploring, but that would be on my list with a two month visit.
Day two was bright blue skies, wind and a few puffy clouds.
Out at the furthest point on Long Island. It was a bit blustery.
Dug loves a good head wind. He couldn’t be bothered with me.
Wouldn’t it be fun to sail here in the warm weather? We’d have to hire a crew.
Summer hanging on…
That’s a wrap. Dug was exhausted. Brooklyn here we come!

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