A Looming Farewell

South East Side of Central Park

Today marks the beginning of the final two weeks of our adventure here in NYC. Its highly likely the pending occurrence has contributed to melancholy I spoke of in my prior post. I’m finding that I tend to write more of these types of posts when I am working my way out of the melancholy. It is one of my ways of processing and to accelerate the way out. AND we have a full two weeks off experiences to come (Hamptons, the next bagel shop, American Utopia, lunch at Balthazar, and on and on!).

This mornings adventure (walk, subway, bagel, new experience) was fabulous and also sad at the same time. Fall is in the air. The seasons are turning and we will be leaving soon. And I also learned something. We took the C to the E and walked to 55th Street and 1st Ave (the lowest part of the Upper East Side). Quite and area of affluence. There we found Tal Bagels and I may have finally found my favorite bagel and cream cheese combination – toasted onion bagel with scallion cream cheese – Learning #1. It is a bit of a tourist faux pas to toast really good fresh bagels, but a habit I need to work on breaking. We then walked the mile plus over the 5th Ave and up to the SE corner of Central Park. Walking up 5th Ave in this area you pass MANY signs of affluence, or even extravagance. I’d come to almost resent NYC for this. Who knows, maybe the prior presidential administration contributed. It is interesting, we have spent so little time in these areas of NYC. Any ventures into these areas have been for specific things; lunch at Balthazar (three times so far and a certain fourth to come), bagels at a few different Upper West Side bagel shops, opera at the NY Metropolitan Opera House are a few. As I was walking up 5th Ave. I experienced something else. A kind of acceptance or simple acknowledgement of this is just part of an extremely complicated city – Learning #2.

You know when you meet someone or something and you take an immediate liking to it or them? I have learned to lean into these and make the effort to see where they might go. And sometimes the results of giving of myself pays off in many wonderfully fulfilling ways. Upon reflection I can not think of an effort I have expended post illness (2008/2009) that I haven’t reaped the bounty. I’m hoping many of my friends reading this know how much my relationship means in my life. I don’t say it often enough – thanks for the gift of you – Learning #3.

I feel the same way about NYC. JDT and I knew we were very fond of NYC before this adventure. I now know I LOVE NYC and not despite all of its challenges. Quite the opposite. I LOVE NYC because of all that it is! Learning #4.

So, its is with a heavy heart that we will wish NYC farewell in two weeks time. AND we will see you soon NYC. Promise!

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