Sunday in the Park

The switch has flipped. I now go through each day thinking…Will this the the last time that I/we…before we head home? I’m trying SUPER hard to stay in the moment. It’s hard. Glen’s been a bit under the weather and/or working like a demon so I’ve had some days to meander on my own. I’ve not struck out on any major adventures, but I have enjoyed the neighborhoods around Bed-Stuy. Yesterday I went down the street to the café and just hung out and watched the world go by. I wrote some postcards and talked with the owner a bit. It’s kinda one of my favorite things to do.

Finally, we’ve had some beautiful fall weather, including a bit of wind and rain. This morning we went to NYC on our ongoing search for THE bagel. I think we were on the upper east side. Love the city when it’s not too crowded. It’s a miracle I don’t trip more often as I’m always looking up to where tops of the buildings meet the sky.

There was a line at the door at the bagel shop which is always a good sign. We agreed that it was one of the better bagels. Grabbed a coffee from a cute place on the corner and then we walked to the west to get to Central Park. It’s the perfect Sunday morning – sunny bright blue skies, puffy white clouds, breezy, and cool. A coffee and a bagel. A bench in the sun with views of a pond and ALL the people watching. Talked with a guy and his black lab, plus the guy who saw Glen’s Chico sweatshirt. He lived there when he was a kid. We wandered across the park enjoying the sights. I love how the city dwellers really make use of the green spaces. We saw birthday parties, many photography shoots (weddings, families, etc.), food carts, balloon animal makers, rock climbers, yoga practicers, bike riders, joggers, horse-driven carriages, pedicabs, tourists (not us, of course), old people, young people, and myriad other sights. I love the sounds, too – quacking ducks, honking geese, barking dogs, crying babies, laughter, voices, hawkers, helicopters, sirens in the distance, church bells, music including a saxophone…I could sit there and/or wander all day.

Glen is blogging. I am taking bad photos (Note the finger in the upper right corner.)
Rock climbing. I wonder if they’ve ever tried El Cap? Sorry. Snark.

Tomorrow we are making an overnight trip to The Hamptons. We’ve never been and I just had this feeling that it would be a regret if we got home without going. I’m hoping to spend some time walking on the beach and just meandering the country roads and villages. I’m sure there will be some photos in a day or two!

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One thought on “Sunday in the Park

  1. Wonderful series of photos! I really love the first one with the sun-flare off the building, great timing, it drew me into your post – and I’m glad it did! Greetings from Tasmania 🙂


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