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The NY Botanic Garden – An incredible day trip..

Nothing earth-shattering…but the weather is absolutely delightful here. It actually feels like a California fall right now – warm and dry with a gentle breeze. This warm weather is delaying the fall colors so we may not get to enjoy that beauty like we were hoping. We are heading out to the Hamptons next week. It will be cooler there so maybe we’ll get that hint of fall color there.

We’ve been busy with some late nights which is way out of our norm! This week we saw Tina! on Broadway. Yes, I snuck in a couple photos. Notice that we were in the FRONT row! I needed a booster seat to see, but seriously…I’ve never had the star look right into my eyes while belting out “What’s Love Got to Do with It?” And oh my, can that woman dance?! It was a lot of fun though obviously her life was filled with a lot of drama. It was definitely a sing-along.

The pose

Wednesday we went to the Met Opera and saw “The Fire Shut Up In My Bones”, the first performance of an opera by a Black composer. In fact, it’s based on the memoir of Charles M. Blow, the NYT writer. The opera was written, directed, choreographed, and starred an entirely black cast. While we aren’t exactly “opera” people, it was such a wonderful experience to be there, watch all the fancy people, enjoy the beauty of the venue and just bask in the glory of NYC.

This was a gift! There are closed caption screens in front of every seat so you can read the lyrics because operas are not always easier to understand.

Last night we had the pleasure of dinner with cousin Randy, Alison and their daughters who both live in NYC. What fun to get to know them and enjoy a most delicious Italian meal. We PROMISED to get together at home. Keep us honest!

Phew. These old folks are tired! “Tonight” we’re gonna try to get into Lucali, a great small restaurant in Carroll Gardens. They serve two things, pizza and calzones. We tried a few nights ago, but this is how it goes. ..Their website says, “Come before 5:00. Put your name in. Go have a drink. We’ll call you.” So we got there at 4:45 and got in line to get in line. When we got to the front to put in our name, the next open table was at 10:30 that evening! So obviously we walked over to their “take out” restaurant a couple minutes away and enjoyed a slice at the outdoor tables. (By the way, they have a great bottled negroni there!) Today we’re going to go to Lucali at 3:15 and get in line to get in line. Hopefully we’ll eat by 6:00! Wish us luck!

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