Ebb and Flow – With Cousin Number 2!

We had the great pleasure of hanging out with my cousin, Randy and his wife Alison today. You might remember that in the original Ebb and Flow post I talked about reconnecting with my cousins who though not far away, we haven’t seen much over the years. We all get busy and there are lots of twists and turns in the river of life. It’s nice at this stage to be able slow down and share some laughs with people who matter – even if it’s all the way across the country!

Interestingly, Glen and I aren’t big garden/plant people, but we ended up meeting with Fremont and Stephanie at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and we met with Randy and Alison at the New York Garden. Turns out it’s pretty nice to get out of the hustle of the city and relax in the green-turning orange and red foliage. The NY garden is freaking amazing with lots of space that feels like you’re far, far away in the woods. We barely scratched the surface of what’s there. Hmmm…will we return? Time will tell.

So thanks to my cousins for introducing us to the world of plants! And Randy and Alison – We look forward to seeing you and the girls on Thursday!

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One thought on “Ebb and Flow – With Cousin Number 2!

  1. I’m more interested in planting flowers than vegetables but this year I let my neighbor plant in one of the boxes and she put a zucchini plant in that produced sooooo many zukes I couldn’t believe it. I pulled up the roots yesterday and it was like removing a giant octopus. What am I going to do with these remains? That and heirloom purple tomatoes have made me realize I need two boxes of veg and two of flowers. Go for it Joyce, even given the higher water bill.


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