Ebb and Flow…Still? Again?

I promised that after reconnecting with my cousins, I wasn’t done. A college friend had reached out to me about my college roommate, Therese. He was hoping to “find” her after 30+ years because he found her doppelganger. (He sent a picture. I thought it WAS her 30 years ago!) I wasn’t much help, but Wes did it!

And guess who reached out to me today? Yep. Therese. I told her that just seeing her name pop up in my FB DMs made me cry. She reminded me that we became roommates 40 years ago last August. Ouch. We talked for an hour. 30 years since we last caught up – that left us with a lot to talk about. My “work” for the day is done. What a joy!

Do it. Reach out. When life slows down, it provides all sorts of opportunities. Look for them. Take them. Enjoy them.

Here we are 38 ish years ago. Babies.

Update to the update of the update! I just got off the phone with my old (as in long ago!) job-share partner from San Clemente days, Julie. So that’s taking us back to 1990-91. I assumed she’d read my “Ebb and Flow” update and I thought…It’s working! Someone’s taking my advice! Nope. She hadn’t read it (though she’s been following along on our blog) so I guess I’m not as powerful as I thought! Still…I’m so glad we had a chance to chat!

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