Okay. Those were a couple heavy posts. Have I mentioned how much I/we love it here? GAT loves it so much he took a red eye to get back here sooner! Or maybe it’s because he missed Dug and me!

Yesterday I took the subway over to the East River, south of the Brooklyn Bridge. There is a WONDERFUL park/walkway along the river that extends for more than a mile. It wanders through park-like nature areas and out onto piers and back along the edge of the city. The Manhattan skyline is always in view. There are soccer fields full of kids and adults playing with joy, fishing areas, yachts in the marina, multiple bridges crossing the river, the Statue of Liberty, and Governor’s Island. At the north end is DUMBO (I always forget what it stands for) where there is a carousel and a “food court” a la Chelsea Market or the Ferry Building in San Francisco. All along the pathways are plenty of seating options to sit and enjoy the scenery and some great people watching. Note the wedding photography going on! And though I didn’t have a ticket, the Brooklyn Nets were practicing at an outdoor facility and the public is invited to watch – if you knew about it and had a ticket. 😦

While the weather has definitely turned and it was a gray and chilly day (though I still was wore shorts), it was a beautiful way to spend a few hours. Enjoy.

Summer is hanging on

No caption necessary

Game with a view!
All alone. I bet it looked differently in August!

Interesting art installation

if I only had a ticket I could have said hey to KD.

See those two low buildings off my left shoulder? That’s where I hung out last August on my first solo foray into Manhattan when Glen was in Rochester.

Here’s a picture from August looking back at the Brooklyn park.

Hey! That’s MY room! See that open window? Glen spoiled me for my 60th birthday and we stayed at this new hotel. It was incredible.

Here’s a picture from our room a few years ago. See what I mean? Incredible.


People watching is always my sport

The carousel

A rapper filming his break out video…maybe?

That’s a wrap. Heading back to the subway

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