Questions Part 2

I’ve attempted to write this blog post three times. And frankly, it’s devolved into a post about me. While I normally slog past that occurrence with debatable success. I really want this post to be about others; three wonderful others.

JDT (’82) and I (’83) are graduates of Chico State. For many MANY reasons that there is not enough blog space to accommodate, JDT and I care very deeply about Chico State. Simply put it is a major cog in the wheel of two well lived lives. AND while it may not have created the essence of JDT’s “inner conflict” post, it absolutely nurtured and enabled its development.

The picture above was taken this past Thursday in Chico. To my left is Chico State College of Business (COB) Dean Terence Lau. I was part of the hiring team that brought Terence to campus some three years ago. I’ve had the extreme pleasure of getting to know Terence and his family. Terence is leading great change at Chico State COB and is destined to do great things, and will only be limited by his aspirations. AND I don’t believe that will limit him in any way. The other two individuals are the very first Thomas Family Fellows. These were awarded during the pandemic, so this was our first chance to meet. To my immediate right is Dr. Hyunjung Kim. To the far left is Dr. Kirk “Damon” Aiken. We had a lovely lunch. The COB saying is “Company Worth Keeping”. INDEED!!

I’ve intentionally kept this post brief. If you are interested in it in any way, or have any questions, you know how to reach me.

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