My How Times Have Changed

JDT was able to get us tickets to Shakespeare in The Park last night. And, by the way, if you get a chance you must go! It is a summer night experience under the moon and stars in the middle of Central Park. A truly NYC experience.

We decided to be expansive in our experience so we took a stop off the F subway line in downtown Manhattan and grab a sandwich at Katz Delicatessen. And of course we got the Pastrami on Rye. As we approached Katz, I warned Joyce that the “cutters” could be a bit “edgy” (JDT likes to know such things.) And that we shouldn’t be indecisive with our choices. So, we got in line, discussed our selection and the related offerings. WELL, when it was our turn we stepped forward confidently. AND much to my surprise and our joy, the cutter was delightful. Hmmmm? I looked around and noted that Katz was much less busy than I had experienced in my past visits. The person taking payment for our order was equally welcoming!

A few notes about ordering – whatever you do, order 1/2 of what you think you’d like to have. We split the sandwich between us. We ate the sandwich last night and I am not hungry this morning. We ate on a park bench in Central Park waiting for the gates to the venue to open. And of course there were locals (two elderly couples) sitting near us. One asked us (who says NY’ers won’t engage?!?) where our sandwich was from? We replied Katz. He sighed and appeared a bit envious. His wife commented that when they get a sandwich from Katz they get extra bread. A piece of good advice I will incorporate on subsequent visits. The last thing I would say is, keep it simple. Like many great things in life, the wonder is in the greatness of the ingredients. My order, Pastrami on Rye with mustard. Three ingredients!

The Pandemic has brought us all a lot of very challenge in our lives. Our experience last night just reminded me that, while huge challenges, also can provide opportunities.


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One thought on “My How Times Have Changed

  1. The sandwich sounds yummy and reminds me of several visits to Nate & Al’s I the heart of Beverly Hills. I used to get their potatoe latkes with apple sauce and sour cream.

    I’m so envious of your adventures😋


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