Black Beans on a Breakfast Taco. Really?!?

One of the great wonders of a place like NYC are the incredibly limitless supply of food options. I’ve learned to use the wealth of options through Eater. Virtually infinite. AND for someone that loves food, well . . .

I met with a couple of friends / clients (Jim and Matthew of GGI) yesterday afternoon. (I refer to them as friends / clients versus clients / friends, as they are truly special in my life.) We were doing what we do, which is to say the conversation meanders all over the place and always finds its way to meaningful content. AND JDT and my current adventure came up. (I directed them to this blog for some context.) Matthew asked where we were living. I told him one of the less gentrified areas of Brooklyn (frankly, I phrased it differently, but that seedy content belongs elsewhere). He guessed Crown Heights, and I told him Bed Stuy. He just grinned, in the Matthew kind of way.

Our mornings are sometimes filled with walks that have either an early lunch or a late breakfast in the middle. On Tuesday we went up into the Prospect Heights area for breakfast tacos at King David Tacos. You see, I discovered that SAT / AUS (airport codes, which I love using, for San Antonio and Austin) style breakfast tacos are a thing now in the sub Mexican food category. Sub categories and even sub sub categories are a huge thing here. This morning we decided to walk in a different direction, think 10:00 if straight up 12:00 is Prospect Heights. And as we walked out of Bed Stuy and into Crown Heights, the difference in neighborhoods was decidedly different. While Bed Stuy is predominantly black, Crown Heights is predominantly Jewish. I’ll take a risk here to show my incredible ignorance. I hope Matthew will correct me, or help reduce my ignorance. In CA we get very little Orthodox Jewish. I can tell, as they wear hats. I’m sure there is a name for the hats. Again I hope my limited Jewish friends will help educate me. We definitely have neighborhoods in CA and the west coast. But this stark difference is a wonder to me. This was all that.

And to my question? Frankly, there is a simple answer, no. Even HELL NO!! Certain things are just not meant to be. AND refried beans made the Mexican way (pinto beans and yes, lard) are one of life’s real pleasures. Some of my favorites recipes include three, and only three ingredients. Take that!!

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