What’s Pasta Got to Do with It?

There are a few lessons I’ve learned during the pandemic that are relevant to our three month adventure –

There are so many ways to stay connected.

So many ways to learn.

And so many ways to engage in our world.

One of my questions about our foray into Brooklyn was how I would manage to stay connected in a meaningful way with friends and family back home. And would I be able to forge friendships with people in Brooklyn in a short period of time? Would casual connections with social encounters be enough of a human connection for me?

Tonight I was reminded of the value of those all lessons. I took an online pasta-making class through a Brooklyn business that I learned about last spring. Prior to the pandemic their classes were all in-person and as with all businesses, they quickly had to adapt or die. They adapted and thrived by offering their classes via Zoom. I took a couple classes last spring-embroidery, journaling (try as I might, I still don’t do it), and…I can’t remember the others.

Tonight’s pasta class was a great success and what made it even greater was that two of my friends took it “with” me – one from Washington, one from California and me from my kitchen in New York. How cool is that?!

So – Connection? Yep. Learning? Yep. Engagement? Yep. What a great night! Thanks, Glynnis and Lorraine for joining me! Our distanced cooking adventure made my day!

And to the rest of you…Look up Brooklyn Brainery! It’s a great resource. Want to learn about Scotch Whiskey? Block printing? The history of cats in art? Book binding? Buying a home in Brooklyn? There’s a class for everyone! brooklynbrainery.com And no…they don’t pay me to share their info!

PS The pasta is in the freezer for another night. Stay tuned.

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60 something retirees (or semi-retirees) learning to live differently

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