Yes. We can. And yes. We did. Now what?

We started this blog SO long ago – back in July asking, “Can we? Will we?”. We wrote about our travels, our adventures in and around Brooklyn and NYC, and we mused on life’s big questions. After our 3 month journey, I think that Glen and I agreed that we could and we did! We both found that we enjoyed writing about our experiences and loved when we received feedback (hint hint). Then we got home and…meh…neither of us had the urge to write much. For me, don’t get me wrong. Life in Walnut Creek is grand. I love it there. And maybe I didn’t want to bore you with my daily drivel?

So here we are in April , nine months later and after much conversation, negotiation, and exploration…we are headed to New Orleans for our next grand adventure until the end of May!

We left WC today and are spending night one of our journey with Dug in beautiful Blythe, CA.Tomorrow we go straight through AZ (with a stop at a coffee shop to see my sister in Phoenix) and we will stay in Las Cruces, NM. Saturday night will find us visiting the Mikitens in San Antonio (at the Holiday Inn Express by the airport because we are fancy that way) and Sunday will find us at our apartment on Governor Nicholls Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans! Let the adventure begin!

So since I’m just sitting here in the hotel room, whiling away the evening in Blythe…here’s how our first day went.

On a tree in front of Peet’s. Nice message early in the morning.

After hugs to Blair at 5:45 and a stop at Peet’s, we hit the road in our rented Rav4. Everything was great…little traffic, beautiful sunrise and then…traffic came almost to a halt on I-5 on the Grapevine. We crawled along at less than 5 mph for at least 45 minutes until we got to the horrific accident where two trucks with cranes were pulling two semis up the hill where they had rolled. A bulldozer was cleaning the freeway of debris. A scene like that makes one take a breath and be grateful for one’s safety. I thanked my lucky stars, sent my good wishes to the drivers, and onward we went.

We pulled into beautiful Blythe at 3:45. Hotel is brand new! Woohoo! Except they had an accident and there’s no power till at least 9:00 and it’s 97 degrees. Okay. What else is in town? Brand new Hampton Inn and they just started taking pets! Woohoo. Except the pet fee is $75, but what are you going to do? We entered the room. It was new, very nice and rather large-plenty of room for Dug to roam. (What that really means is that there’s a couch for him to sleep on because after all…he’s only slept for 10 hours on the road today.) But what did Dug do upon entering? He immediately walked in the door, straight to the carpet (off of the tile entry) and threw up on the brand new carpet! Of course he did. 🤓🙃🤣🤓😵‍💫 Guess we’re getting our money’s worth with that $75 dog fee!

Dug can sleep like no other.

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5 thoughts on “Yes. We can. And yes. We did. Now what?

  1. I follow your adventures with an envious heart.
    Can’t wait for you to travel us around The big easy. It ‘it’s on my bucket list. Love you two and Dug. Safe travels.


  2. Looks like it’s gonna be a pain in the ass to respond if I have to give name, rank, and serial number every time, but……
    Enjoy the adventure. I’ll be living it vicariously with you!


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