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Yesterday was a glorious Fall-ish day. Have I mentioned that I am truly grateful for this opportunity to explore New York City and all of its boroughs at such a relaxed pace?

We got a later than usual start to our day so ended up on the free Staten Island ferry around 2:00. We had no plans once we got to the island so per usual, GAT took the reins and we walked to Snug Harbor. Along the route we enjoyed incredible views of downtown NYC. Snug Harbor is an 83 acre plot of land that was purchased through the bequest of a Captain Randall, a shipbuilder (also a Revolutionary War soldier) without heirs. He wanted to create a place for “aged, decrepit, and worn-out seamen”. Upon his death his “country estate” in what is now Greenwich Village was sold and the land in Staten Island was purchased. Imagine that! A 24 acre “country estate” in Manhattan! The story of his trust (created only 4 days before his death) is quite a tale of “who’s who” in post Revolutionary War history and judicial courts intrigue. Randall was originally buried in Manhattan at St. Mark’s Church, but when Snug Harbor was built, his remains were brought there and he is interred under an obelisk. The story is told that his ghost walks the grounds of Snug Harbor because souls don’t travel over water so he is searching for his soul that was left in Manhattan. I love a good ghost story!

Upon our return to Brooklyn, we followed our noses to a pizza place that our friend, Joan wants to visit when she’s here next week. That in and of itself was an adventure! A whole new neighborhood vibe, great pizza and OLD subway stations.

When we eventually arrived home from our adventure, Mark, our landlord was still here cleaning up the flooded basement (Ida). He is on vacation and had to drive back (4 hours) to deal with the mess. We helped him finish it up and are continuing to swab the decks – so to speak – as the area rug is draining, but no real damage seems to have been done. Just another reminder why we’d rather be renting than owning a second home! No rushing home from a vacation to repair something!

And finally, may the photos from the ferry remind us that the 20 year anniversary of 9/11 is fast approaching. I am taking a deep breath, pausing, and thinking about this great city and all that is good in our country.

9/11 Memorial (wings) on the right
Dug is always happy to see us. He’s such a good dog. PS Don’t tell him he’s a dog!

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