Ida Makes More than a Splash

Yes. We survived the remnants of Ida. Rain came in buckets starting in the late afternoon. There was a bit of lightening and thunder, but mostly just buckets and buckets of rain.You’ve probably seen photos of flooded streets and stadiums. We went to bed late (watching the US Open) and all seemed fine in our neighborhood. I went to sleep wishing that I could ship the water to the fiery west.

Glen got up this morning and went to grab his computer from the basement and oops. The basement has about 1/2 inch of water throughout the space. Landlord is on his way back from vacation with a new shopvac. This is why you rent instead of own a vacation home!

We are off to Staten Island for the day. We have recently ventured to Coney Island and Rockaway Beach. Hitting all the summer hot spots! Maybe The Hamptons in early Fall?

We are going to the US Open (tennis) tomorrow! Look for us in the Louis Armstrong stadium during the night matches.

From this morning’s walk
Sunny skies

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