My oh my?

I think I wrote, or certainly have been thinking we’ve been coming to Brooklyn for 10 or 11 years. And my oh my, how things have changed. Back then, The Wythe was either the only, or one of the very few upscale hotels in Williamsburg, Broooklyn. Now? My oh MY!! Williamsburg is filled with em.

Back in 2010 we absolutely loved it, yet I struggled a bit with the hipster thing. I never really understood, until NOW!!

We have dear DEAR friends visiting us starting next Sunday. So we’re out exploring places to go for an adult beverage and a view. One of the best things of BK is the night view into Manhattan (It may be my favorite thing about The Wythe). So some 10 years or so later, we decide to go to the rooftop bar at The Wythe. And while we are there, some late 20s hipsters are having a surprise marriage proposal / celebration. And of course their friend who is a photographer is recording.

I struggle with the fine line of self awareness and self absorption.

So, now I understand.

No. I don’t have permission so don’t tell them. I did text it to the bride-to-be.

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