For many years, I regularly posted three gratitudes on my Facebook page-not on a schedule, but as the spirit moved me. For some reason, I’ve fallen away from that practice and yet I have so much gratitude in my ❤️. So…

1. My heart ❤️ is so appreciative to have this opportunity to explore our world in such a unique way. As I said in an earlier post, I’m a suburban girl and this city-living is exciting and full of opportunities to learn and experience our world in such a new (to me) way.

2. Those of you who know both of us know that GAT is the master planner and I am the “seat of my pantser “. Both ways have their places in our world. AND I’m super grateful for the Planner who masterfully managed our financial life so that in our “golden” years we could live out our dreams.

3. You. I’m grateful for all of our family and friends who have shared our journey – the journey we are writing about here, but also the journey throughout the years. People come and go throughout our lives. Each person has an impact on us – whether you know it or not. Whether we’ve told you or not.

So as we sit in the backyard of Brown Butter enjoying our Sunday morning fried chicken and waffles – thank you life – from the bottom of my (pointed little 🤪) ❤️.

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60 something retirees (or semi-retirees) learning to live differently

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