Old Dog, New Tricks

For years (10+ actually) I traveled to Rochester, NY for mostly business purposes as we (TYS) merged or integrated with a wonderful group of people. It was how we went from TY to TYS. AND that represented such a huge gain for Chris and me – they truly completed us. I recall in those early days (the first year) being in Rochester 13 separate times and spending nearly 80 nights in the ROC Airport Holiday Inn Express. I stayed their mostly as I knew I needed to use all my energy on the integration (More on this later). I so fondly remember Ann picking me up (occasionally on time) and our regular morning chats. Ann was so patient with me, as I often was a bit of a grouch. I cherish those memories. Thank you Ann, so are a valuable member of Team TYS.

Fast forward to August 10, 2021. My first trip to ROC in my new role. For years Tim had been inviting me and encouraging me to stay with him and Amy. Tobin was staying there at the same time, so what the heck, I would too. Well, darn it, I learned my preconceived notion (energy saving) regarding staying in a hotel was silly, and wrong. It was great to stay with Amy and Tim!! Thanks so much for opening your home to me. You’ve always, since day one, brought me in to your family. I’ve been enriched by the experience.

I’m less of a doer now and more of an observer and speaker of MY truth. I’m learning how to judiciously and effectively use my voice. It is a responsibility I endorse and own. And like all humans, I am perfectly imperfect.

This was an important step for me. Thanks to everyone involved for being so supportive!!

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60 something retirees (or semi-retirees) learning to live differently

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