Learning New Tricks!

Well, big girl panties are fully in place! After a short walk with Dug this morning, I hopped on the subway to lower Manhattan and walked around the seaport. Turns out the morning is a great time to be there…all alone! It was cool and quiet – just the spot to sit in the breeze, watch the water traffic pass by and enjoy an early lunch. I walked back via the Brooklyn Bridge-that sure never gets old. On our trip across the country, Glen and I listened to most of David McCullough book about the construction of the bridge. While it was a lot of engineering that went in one ear and out the other, I still seriously have new appreciation for the miracle of the feat of its construction. Along the expanse of the bridge, I love hearing all of the different languages being spoken and watching the photos being taken by couples, families and individuals (including me!) My only faux paux on my excursion was taking the A instead of the C train home. No problem, pop off at the next station and get on the correct train home. (And help the poor mom lug her stroller with child up the stairs! Yikes – no elevator!) Dug was very happy I didn’t get lost.

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