Block Party

Our neighbor, Mike brought Glen a “Weber” t-shirt. I think he’s officially a member of the neighborhood bbq club!

This really takes me back to my college days at Chico State. I learned my bbq skills from my neighbor in the apartment across the landing – Ken. For some reason I can’t remember his last name, and I think of him often as I bbq these days. You see, I learned without the benefits of today’s temperature setting pellet grill that I use at home in WC. In many ways I long for those days. If one can bring all the elements of bbq-ing (low, slow and steady) with devices meant to grill, well one can bbq or grill anything anywhere with a minimum of devices.

So I’m breaking in a brand new Weber. Kind of an ambitious undertaking when you’re doing your best to bring them food where they have incredibly high standards – pork spare ribs.

Shortly before the pandemic we spent time with our dear friends David & Mary. They are from the South – Birmingham, AL. And while staying with them and two other Southern couples, I dared to prepare biscuits and gravy. I’m pretty sure they loved it. Pretty sure!!

So, I may not always succeed. As a matter of fact I’ve been known to crash pretty hard.

The joy is in the trying!!

Here goes.

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