White Noise? What Noise?

I have spent quite a bit of time sitting in our front yard. And by “yard” I mean a slab of concrete next to the stoop with a 16’x6’ dirt planter, and an iron fence and gate creating our space. All up and down the block are identical “yards” where only the ironwork and planters are different. Well, the stuff housed in the yards is also different – bbqs, chairs, storage units, trash receptacles, flowers, greenery, etc. Dug likes to be with me, but he cannot relax due to all of the activity and noise – passers by, dogs, traffic, sirens, deliveries, semi-trucks, MTA buses, school buses and construction in 3 places in this block alone. (Glen and I keep saying we want to record the noises here.) While it may not sound like paradise to some, I find I really enjoy my time out here. So many passersby greet Dug and me as they carry on their day. A few even stop to say hello. Yesterday a neighbor gave the kindest response to my greeting. When I asked her how her day had been she responded, “All the more blessed by your question”. I’ve met Zora and Patty who will be at the block party tomorrow. I swept our yard and sidewalk in preparation. And in the spirit of being a good neighbor, I also swept the sidewalks of our nextdoor neighbors! Let the ruckus begin!

Update – After using my little broom to sweep 3 “yards”, this afternoon a kind gentleman brought his blower and cleaned the sidewalk and yards for everyone on our side of the street❤️.

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