The Davids and Gilders of Travel

I don’t know where to start so I’ll start at the beginning. (Isn’t that a song from The Sound of Music?). As Glen said, we’ve been here in Canterbury since Friday and it already feels like an old friend. And by old, I mean olde! Canterbury is a mid-sized city so it’s really manageable toContinue reading “The Davids and Gilders of Travel”

We were once young and dumb, too…

We love our Two Sawyers pub (circa 1796) and Phoebe’s coffee shop right across the way (15 steps to be exact). We enjoyed coffee yesterday morning and in the evening we popped over for a gin and tonic and dinner. The pub had quite a few “young” people in it so Glen asked the drinkingContinue reading “We were once young and dumb, too…”