C’est la vie…

Sunrise walk this morning.

You know that phrase, “I’m not gonna lie.”? I’ve always said that I hate it because it starts with the idea that maybe I’ve lied in the past. Or maybe I’m usually a liar? Or maybe I’m not going to lie…this time.

And then there’s the question about what people show and tell on social media. Women without makeup? Kids misbehaving? Photos that show my belly rolls? House a mess? Bread that didn’t rise? Not usually. Usually we are just showing the good stuff. The stuff that makes us happy. The stuff that feels good. The stuff that makes others think that we live a charmed life.

In my posts, I’ve tried to share some of the reality of our travels. Some of the good stuff and some of the bad stuff that we’ve encountered. This trip has been a bit more of a challenge than others. A few things have not gone as planned and I’ve held off on sharing about them for a variety of reasons. Not the least might be that sharing them publicly seems a bit icky.

You may have noticed a lot of my descriptions of my adventures have not included Glen. I’ve spent all most of my time solo on this trip. I mean, we are both here, but circumstances (Glen’s health and strength) have not allowed him to make the most of our days. He’s been incredibly supportive, encouraging and even pushing me to get out and explore as much as I can. He’s also made the effort to find things that he felt he could enjoy, too – for example, we took a couple car trips in England and he mostly was able to enjoy those days though he paid the price for a couple days after we got back to our house.

We left Canterbury hopeful that he’d be able to join Blair and me on some of our adventures. That did not play out. I’ve posted about Blair and my antics in the city. We had a great time. The flip side was that it was difficult leaving Glen in the apartment every time we left. He assured us that nothing would make him more miserable than thinking that we were curtailing our adventures out of a sense of guilt or sympathy. So we continued to make our way out and about in Paris.

In hindsight, I think that Glen pushed himself to give us that gift. I think he knew, maybe without acknowledging it yet, that we were going to have to cut our trip short, but he was not going to deny us the joy of spending Blair’s 30th birthday together in Paris. And he was not going to give up without input from me.

So after nine days in Paris, we sent Blair back home and we caught our train to Nice. It was a pretty easy travel day, though no travel is easy for Glen now. On our first night in Nice we talked about our situation and Glen asked me to think about how I feel about continuing to adventure alone. Was it right for me? Was this a place I wanted to do that? So I headed out the next morning to explore the city by joining a free walking tour. And yes, Nice offers a great opportunity to explore another side of France. And no, I don’t need to be here “alone”. I went back to the apartment and said no, it was time to get him home where he can address his health and be comfortable in his own home. It’s the most important thing for us now.

So as we Thomas’s do…we immediately jumped on our computers and started making arrangements to return. Glen is a super efficient travel planner and in no time, we had flights, a hotel in London, and we were talking through the logistics of getting our stuff home, getting his liquid diet on planes, and other details we’d need to address to make this trip as easy as possible. We leave Nice on Tuesday and leave London on Wednesday, arriving home Wednesday evening.

So, have things worked out the way we envisioned? Definitely not. Did we have some fun and learn about other places and people? Yes. Did we learn something about ourselves as individuals and as a couple? Yep. Are there more adventures ahead? More hurdles? Of course. Are we disappointed? Yes. And yet…(here’s my inner conflict)…how can I be disappointed when I just experienced 50 days (with 4 more to go) on the trip of a lifetime, learning to “dwell” in other places? I mean…come on…

And…while I’ve not really been feeling the feel of writing about Nice, I’ll try to get a post out on what I’ve experienced here. It’s really an intriguing city. I do think I’d enjoy it more in September when the crowds thin out, but August will just have to do. And I’ll be happy with that.

And I was just reminded of a saying that I’ve hung on to through good times and bad…

It is what it is and it will be what I make it.

I stopped by this sign the other day and it was mobbed. Makes a difference when you are there at 6:30 am.

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