Cheese Tasters

Joyce’s posts in general inspire me. They make me say, darn, I wished I’d said that. This post is my homage to her post “Watching and/or Listening”. It is so amazing and revealing of our existence here. So, if anyone now asks me what we are doing, I will simply point to that post.

Deep toward the end of that post you’ll see me in the the garden enjoying my snack. You all know my lifelong struggle with weight. For 50 years to keep it off; for the last 14 to keep it on. I’ve come to realize it really doesn’t matter which, weight will always represent struggle for me. Perhaps the largest and certainly the most continuous struggle.

Snacks! I use to dive into a bag of what we Americans generally call potato chips with uncontrolled reckless abandon. My early preference was pork rinds and Hires root beer. And if I wasn’t careful I’d eat the whole bag and two root beers in 15 minutes. The specific bag included in this photo is the same as the one in the photo taken by Joyce. It is also likely in a photo of our trip South and quite possibly even West. If you do the math on the calories (English labeling ain’t American labeling) the calories you get 1,302.5. These work for me now as they dissolve in my mouth and are easy for me to swallow. And it seems there’s an endless supply at the bottom of this darn bag.

Thank goodness I get protein, leafy green vegetables and my required daily nutrients from my twice daily smoothies!!

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