Going South

Well, we went north. We went east. We went west. We had to go south.

Today we headed to the south toward the coast through the villages and never hit a highway. I’ll tell the story of our day through the photos.

You’ll notice it was a dreary day, but the temperature stayed a balmy 70 degrees.

Our time in England is winding down…Enjoy one of our last days…

We stopped in the little town of Lydd to get some water and use the loo. This little church called me. Notice that England is also suffering from the drought.
The town “square” was a triangle and it was tiny. I love how they’ve converted the old phone booths to defibrillator storage facilities. They are all over England.
Heading out of town.

As we drove out to Dungeness, a tiny little beach town, we passed this church. I’m always in awe is how each tiny town has a church and you see if way before you see the town.

Made it to the coast.

Finally a sandy beach! No one out there on this blustery day. Further south we came upon a beach with lots of wind surfers.

We continued in to the “ancient” town of Rye. What a find! It was a very quaint (and busy) little town. Enjoy the photos.

Lots of cafès, galleries, and boutiques. Lots of people, too.
Tiny castle on the hill overlooking the sea.
Lots of timber or half-timber framed buildings.
The cobblestones were particularly challenging because they were rounded and not flat. I saw a woman in heels hanging on for dear life! Silly tourist.
Not much of a photo, but we went through Hastings which was a pretty big town. It reminded us of Deal because it’s obviously a summer getaway with a big wide beach and a long boardwalk, but this one is a little less cheesy.

As we continued through the countryside…

Finally got a picture and looked up what these buildings are as they are dotted all over Kent. They are called oasts and are used to dry out hops for ale.

Another church?

With a path like that…how could I not go in?!?
Ummm…open? Yes. A bit eerie.
I did love seeing the dog walkers in the cemetery followed by the family with young children and tricycles. I think I’ve mentioned that cemeteries may be the new parks in England.
And right next to the cemetery…two icons of England. No phone or defibrillator in this one.
And returning to Canterbury…
There’s always a church in the distance. Or a cathedral…

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