Such Random Thoughts

It is encouraging to me that I woke this morning thinking about writing. It hasn’t been that way much so far for this adventure. Frankly, the combination of a lousy night’s sleep, a chronic pain due to neck, back and chest struggles, knowing I have a day filled with what has become of my eating and with little outside adventure (I know, by choice and my choice). And, I’m feeling this is changing. Thanks Canterbury for being that place of evolution for me.

Maybe it is the Chartwell adventure? That will stay with me for a long time.

Maybe it is the anticipation of seeing Blair in a weeks time. I really miss my kids. Being honest, I haven’t always liked them, nor them me. I really think we’re liking each other more these days. I miss sitting on the couch and listening to them talk.

Maybe it is my buddy Jim “burying” his father today? The circle of life continuing around the bend.

Maybe it is the anticipation of heading to Paris in a week. Joyce and I were last there in 1989 on our honeymoon. Wow, that was a lifetime ago. So much has changed. And all of this change gets me to thinking. That period of European excellence from the late 19th century and into the first half of the 20th century was quite amazing. Paris was a magnet. I’m enthralled by it. And being in Paris and enjoying Paris one can’t avoid it. The biggest part for me is the way Paris celebrates art. Its amazing museums. I’m so excited to find my new way of spending time in these incredible places. And at the same time, I ask myself, what “museums” will Americans leave to “document” our period of excellence?

So, as I sit in our lovely little English garden eating my breakfast and typing this post, I ponder our last week here in Canterbury. Everything serves a purpose. I’m better understanding mine.

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One thought on “Such Random Thoughts

  1. Was so looking forward to the morning in my garden as it was down to 85° at 5:30am but then it decided to pour rain and the humidity was up to 1000%.

    So glad you are enjoying your adopted garden.


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