House Hunters International

When you watch as much HHI as we do, you learn to moderate your expectations of housing abroad. There are no “Texas” sized kitchens in the British Airbnb system…unless you are renting a manor house with a butler. We are not.

Here are a couple shots of our downstairs and mind you, it is plenty for us.

And happy Sunday morning to you all!

Front door
Foyer? Look right
The sitting room
Foyer?! Look left
I know kinda a mess. We like to say “lived in, not staged”.
Looking back
The family room?
The kitchen (and extra bathroom in the back)

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60 something retirees (or semi-retirees) learning to live differently

One thought on “House Hunters International

  1. Love the flag couch! I knew they had small refrigerator but didn’t know about separate freezer. That would help. It’s more than enough space and charming!


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