Batting 1000; Slugging 4000

You all know I’m a baseball fan and I love using baseball’s language for life and life’s language for baseball. The above title is my way of saying JDT “hit it out of the yard” with the first two selections of our latest adventure! Hooray!!!

I felt compelled to write a few times while up in western Scotland. And each time anything I would have written would have, on balance, come out negative. I really struggled with the travel. And then, as truly wonderful and perfectly suited the Isle of Arran was to begin this journey, I knew I would need time to adjust, regain energy and begin to get in a European rhythm. The US and western Europe’s cultures have really come together and blended from when I first traveled here in 1984. Yet, there are still enough differences to make the experiences wonderfully unique. It is this uniqueness that I drives our similar, yet distinctly different desires to travel. Scotland was physically and emotionally hard for me as I adjusted and struggled to get enough calories in me.

On Thursday, I went on Amazon to order and have delivered the “food” that has become my sustenance. I’m intaking about 75% to 80% of my calories through liquid diet. In the US I have it figured out. I use the re-order feature and coupled with some combination of fresh banana, fresh strawberry, raw spinach, chocolate powder, Nutella, almond butter, ice and my excellent VitaMix I blend a calorie bomb (750-1,000+) concoction. In the UK, Ensure is unavailable – pivot. In UK, my high calorie protein powder is unavailable – pivot. I pivoted. And when I pressed order, it said I would receive July 25th – oh shit!

We arrived last night in Canterbury. I was armed with my last Ensure of the 24 I had sent from the US to Scotland. I’d essentially survived on those 23 Ensure and bananas. I knew that I’d have it in the morning, then have to figure it out. To bridge the gap until July 25th. Before we shut down for the evening JDT went to the market near us and was able to get some supplies including some bananas, strawberries and spinach. I had also sent baggies of my powders from the US. I wasn’t sure how we’d solve the blender issue. I sure as heck don’t want to lug a Vita Mix around Europe. And what did we find in our home for the next four weeks – a blender. Wow! Unusual in our experience with VRBO living. This was really coming together.

I wasn’t sure how this would all blend up? Perfectly!

Then when you least expect it, a miracle happens. As I finished my breakfast what showed up at the door. My packages!! A full two weeks “early”.

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