A Morning’s Adventure

I’m human. I am also pretty sure all reading are as well.

It is my normal ritual to review my calendar in the evening before the next day. Monday evening I knew I had a bit of a complicated Tuesday morning. There was a scheduled noon video meeting with the Murphy / Densmore family and advisors that was important not to miss. I also had a 10:00 AM follow up / diagnostic procedure scheduled at UCSF Parnassus campus. If you’ve been to the Parnassus campus you know two things; it is wonderfully situated with amazing views and it just isn’t easy to access via public transit. Coordinating things so I could exit and get home by noon as free of stress as possible would be tricky, or so I thought.

I considered the Uber-BART-Muni option (preferred choice). I haven’t ridden BART since before our NOLA experience so I was unsure of the “load”. I worry about that as standing in one place for an hour would put my back in a condition that would not bode well for the day to come. Niels is using BART these days for his occasional forays into his SF office. We chatted. No assurances. I decided to “sleep on it”.

I had an amazing night of sleep (slept through to 5:30 with one or maybe two old man get ups). I had my coffee, Citrucell and smoothie. It was 6:30ish. I used Apple Maps on my phone and it said I could drive and be there (28 miles) in a bit over an hour. I decided to get dressed, jump in the truck and drive over.

I was treated at UCSF Mt Zion from mid July through early September 2008. This involved every weekday for six weeks driving into SF. PLUS, Fridays were “special” as I was radiated twice and I usually came home for a nap between sessions. So, with all of that plus more I had much experience crossing the bridge. It is unusual that it isn’t accompanied by a bit of angst. Usually a worry as to being late (thanks Dad!).

Traffic was quite light all the way to the approach to the toll plaza. AND it crawled. This is normally where the angst builds. It began that way. But, I glanced at my phone and it said I would be to UCSF by 8:26. I asked myself what if it was much worse? Well, I might be there at 9:26? Ease. My phone was right.

A unique experience occurs for me when I enter the UCSF realm. The sense of being in my Mom’s arms. I feel cared for – deeply. I believe I am weird this way. AND it is so real for me. As I was sitting in the parking lot underneath the campus I took several minutes to let it wash over me. To consume me. I then headed up and into one of several buildings. Each time I passed through a screening (there are multiple) I was sure to warmly greet and thank them for all they do to keep us safe. Each seemed to appreciate. I then found a bathroom, relieved myself and washed my hands. The hospital soap at UCSF has a one of a kind smell. It sends me right back to the 7th floor Mt. Zion and the infusion center. The home, for me, of the most wonderful care a person can imagine.

I navigated my way to 5th floor suite 501. I again greeted the receptionist, announced I was early (9:05 for a 10:00), completed the easy-peasy reg process and found a comfortable seat to hang out, read and wait patiently. AND amazingly they called me in for the procedure at 9:15. We were wrapped by 9:30. I reversed my steps and drive and found my way home by 10:45. AMAZING.


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