Don’t look up…

NOLA is a beautiful and it’s a beautiful place to walk. It’s obviously flat which makes it an easy walk (except when it’s 90 degrees and 80% humidity). We all know about the architecture and of course, there’s the people watching, but beware! The sidewalks are not in tip-top condition!

I’ve had this post in mind for the entire time we were in NOLA. I took TONS of pictures of the ground/sidewalks. I can now say what I was afraid to say out loud…because I was afraid I’d jinx us. It’s a miracle neither of us tripped and fell while walking on these incredibly uneven surfaces. The photos do not do it the reality justice!

So “read” on at your own risk!

Starting with Dug and the coi. An artist has painted these all over town.

And here are a few hazards I ran across…

Not sure the cone helped matters.
Where there are trees….there are cracked sidewalks. Even Dug is confused.
I guess it made sense to turn it into a trashcan even though there was a real trashcan 10 feet away.

There was another kind of danger that I didn’t take photos of…it’s the kind that shows up after those late night Bourbon Street drinkers head home in the wee hours and they don’t quite make it before…And that’s all I’ll say about that.

But there was also lots of messaging on the sidewalks.

There was all kinds of messaging…this one had me confused.
It wasn’t all dangerous! or confusing Sometimes there was beauty…

And I probably have 50 more photos of the sidewalk. Maybe another day! But I think you get the gist.

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