I went to the banks of the Mississippi River on my first visit to NOLA 20 +/- years ago. It is iconic. I like to use landmarks to set my directional bearings. It almost always helps me navigate an area new to me. To feel comfortable, even confident. As you face the Mississippi River at the foot of Canal Street (my first vantage point) it clearly flows right to left. So I assumed this meant south was to my left. It had to be the 2nd or 3rd visit before I realized this wasn’t true.

Last week on our steamboat excursion the captain served as our tour guide that narrated as we began our journey downriver. As we began he briefly mentions Algiers Point on the West Bank. Huh? I thought I had misheard. We headed downriver a fair distance and turned around and headed back upriver to complete the out and back. As we neared the French Quarter and docking, the captain mentioned Algiers Point and the West Bank again. I hadn’t heard incorrectly.

Algiers is very clearly to the east of the French Quarter and what most people consider central NOLA. So, why is Algiers Point considered the West Bank. Could this be a result of river navigation? I would have loved to have asked the captain.

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