“I Don’t Care; I’m Just a Hater!”

I really feel my own adaptability increasing. It is great to experience. This morning, we headed over to Brennens for breakfast without a reservation (adaptable point #1) . Our plan (some things still held onto tightly) was to arrive as they opened. AND if we were not able to get a table, we’d head over to Cafe Du Monde. A plan within a plan. My happiness. While we were outside queued up behind a few others, a hostess came out and told us that they were “closed” this morning as they had a wedding. Nothing on the website. Oh well. Pivot. We headed over to Cafe Du Monde. Tomorrow we’ll try again (adaptive point #2)

We’re coming to the end of this adventure. We hadn’t yet been to Brennens for breakfast during this stay. Our last visit was 7 or 8 years ago before they remodeled. So, we’d really like to go to breakfast. They, purportedly, “invented” Eggs Benedict. Our adaptation to Cafe du Monde was our fifth visit during this stay. Once every 10 days seems about right to us. Is it a cliche? Yes. AND a bit more than a bit more.

We’re really enjoying watching a little bit of the French Open early mornings. We’re at the beginning of the second week of the grand slam event. It is my favorite time of slams. The chaff has been eliminated. Round 4, the final 16 remain. AND at the 2022 French Open 8 of the top 9 mens seeds have advanced.

We are at Cafe Du Monde. Our usual routine. I snag a table, clean it off (whole separate post) and set up camp. Seems especially busy. JDT points out later – holiday weekend – Memorial Day Weekend. Weekend? Memorial Day? Huh? Oh yeah! I so much enjoy the dynamic of being there. The often combustible intersection of locals and tourists. I realize I am an agitator. I believe the common perception of agitator is negative. As one, I perceive differently. Is it sometimes negative? Of course. Is it often times negative? Perhaps. Is it always? NEVER!

I think about the difference in the way I engage people on the street in NYC and NOLA. I was out wandering the other morning and overtook a grandma, mom and daughter. As I passed them a military jet passed overhead. A fairly normal occurrence here. And I quipped, “Don’t worry, they will not bomb US?” And their reply? Crickets! Nothing! Had I done this in NYC, I’m reasonably certain I would have received some kind of reply. Mind you, I DON’T CARE WHAT THE REPLY IS! I JUST WANT ONE!! Noted. This morning, as we began our walk back to 913 GNS, we walked through Jackson Square. Jackson Square is this very complicated scene that includes performance art, painters and their works, psychics of all kinds, the homeless, etc. We came across an artist that was standing some 30 feet or so from his work in process. I quipped – “amazing how much standing back and observing helps.” He smiled, we had a brief moment of interchange and we head back. I SMILED.

While we were eating our beignets at Cafe Du Monde, I was on my phone checking live results at the French Open. Coco Gauf bageled Mertens in set two to win. And the Rafael Nadal – Felix Auger-Aliassime match had begun. I gave JDT an update or two. JDT loves Rafa. LOVES! AND we saw Felix play while at the US Open last year. And like most, when you see someone in person, you tend to become a fan. JDT said, I’d rather have Rafa lose to Felix than play and likely lose to “the one she hates”. That be Novak Djokovic. I agitated on this a bit. BTW – I can be a bit like Dug with that beef short rib bone we gave him a bit over a month ago. And then is when JDT said it – “I don’t care, I’m just a hater.”


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