Will It Always Be Like This?

I headed out on a wander this morning. Sometimes, it is all I can do to get my mind to calm and not get started before my wander. I really enjoy the mental aspects of my wanders. It is why I so enjoy doing them alone, while being occasionally “poked” by those I come across. Most of the time, my mind wanders all over the place with the thoughts often intersecting. This morning? My mind kept coming back to the title of this post (Just like when I was a child in the late 60s listening to my 45s on a cheap record player and they hit a skip. The record got stuck and endlessly replayed. You had to give it a nudge to get past the skip. Should I here? Nope.) I really didn’t know what it meant. Then I came across the above street sign – Marais Street. AND Le Marais – the neighborhood we’ll be “staying” in Paris this coming August.

Again, I didn’t force it, I just wondered. A sadness started to come over me. Quite recognizable with Mom’s recent passing. I’ve learned not to push it away. I made several posts midway through this stay that played with the notion that we are likely done with NOLA. And that may be true. Our time here is quickly approaching its end. Both NOLA and The South are complicated. Anything that would define them simply or without nuance would simply be a cliche. And most of them are extremely tired.

So, I embrace the sadness. I almost enjoy the sadness. It is a part of our adventures. It is a part of life.

Then my mind flashed to Charles . . . and I just smiled.


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60 something retirees (or semi-retirees) learning to live differently

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