Baby Boomers . . . DAMN!

This post is a rant. Yes, it is that. And I hope a bit more.

The photo above was taken at the end our breakfast this AM at Who Dat Coffee Cafe. Two specifics about it form the context of this Rant.

Notice the sign board “advertising” their help wanted condition. This is a fundamental side effect of the endemic phase of the pandemic. Since the earliest phases of COVID-19 I suggested (I’m sure they heard as a rant) to clients / friends that when we were past the pandemic (certainly within 90 days) they’d be right back where they were in late 2019. That condition was an economy of flourishing opportunity wrapped by an environment of scarce labor. Many struggle to remember, but thems the facts! I suggested why not use the benefits of the emerging CARES ACT. But . . . they feared. How could they trust the government to “GET IT RIGHT”. “It” certainly doesn’t often. Yet, this seemed different to me. I encouraged them to imagine a world where they had created a sense of loyalty. Hell, even a sense of deep caring by all (themselves, employees, even customers). This, ultimately, is the best characteristic I have tried to learn from the best leaders I’ve been blessed to be close. The phrase I use to summarize – Be the Change YOU Want to Create.

The other element in this photo is just above the very top of JDT’s hat. It is two women. I’m reasonably certain they are Baby Boomers. Earlier, a similar generational gentleman was walking by and took up a three way conversation. They talked of real estate and how they both had owned a certain home in the neighborhood. One of the women said how she had bought for $40,000 and sold for $150,000. The gentleman took up and said he had purchase for $250,000 and sold for $400,000. He went on to say how it had recently sold for $440,000. I just smiled. You see, this represents progress. It represents an evolving society. YES, it presents challenges. Very few things are entirely positive or negative. On balance this was a VERY positive to me. To them? Not so much! They bemoaned how it created the unattainable “American Dream” for todays young. The gentleman asked “Do you know what a SARK is? They both said no. A Smart-Ass Rich Kid. He quipped, not for “them”.

Why do we, generally speaking, think in such a negative mindset way? I probably think too much about this. I know my RANTS are exhausting to JDT. And yet.

I really think I am a pragmatic optimist. Does this make you laugh? Here is how it applies to this post. I have vivid memories of Grandma talking in the way of the three Boomers. Yet, my parents “burned” their mortgage at 51/48. I have vivid memories of Dad talking like “Mother”. Yet, I we “burned” our mortgage at 54/53. Where is the data, you ask? Well, look at the “affordability index” in the early 80s when I bought my first residence. Look at the “affordability index” now. Virtually the same rate. I have always believed the real challenge is “getting in the game”. Coming up with the initial down payment. I will acknowledge that sum is exponentially higher today. Especially when viewed through the OG lens.

Here comes the rant. Baby Boomers, of which I am a card carrying “proud” member, your statements are “TIRED”. AND like our parents, and our parents parents, they are driven from fear. A fear of that dreaded inflation. That fear of not having enough. A real fear of the beyond. Upon reflection, we are the most selfish generation ever! Looked at the condition we have left our country and our planet. We have overspent our resources. All, for OUR pleasure. Be responsible. Be optimistic. Be resourceful. BE SELFLESS!

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