In 1983, while at The Bear in Chico, I met Glen’s friend Russell. I was there with Glen whom I had only recently met through our mutual friend, Pete. Russell was a friend of Glen’s from college and like Glen, he was in town to visit and though Glen was there to visit me, Russell was there to reconnect with friends and the Chico scene. While hanging out at the bar, I was introduced to Russell and his reaction was memorable. because when he heard my name, he said, “Joyce? Well Glen definitely has a ‘mother’ thing.”

You see, Glen’s mom’s name is Joyce. And yes, he definitely had a “mother” thing because his mom was just the best. From the beginning, I loved her. She was welcoming, comforting, loving, and open. She teased me about “my” name and we went round and round trying to figure out how to differentiate between the “Joyces”. Old Joyce and Young Joyce? Nah. Big Joyce and Little Joyce? Nope. Joyce 1 and Joyce 2. Uh uh. Mature Joyce and Immature Joyce. Definite no. So how did we resolve this conundrum? We solved it by just being “Joyce”. It was for others to figure out. We were fine with our name and we loved each other…maybe even a little more because of our name connection.

And while I”m thinking about her tonight, after hearing about her passing I’m thinking…her gift to me was loving me for who I am, for loving our kids for who they are, and for loving her son, unconditionally, for who he is. Thank you, Joyce. My heart aches to know that I’ll only know your smile and embrace through my memories. And my heart sings because I’ve known your smile, your love and your grace. You gave us all the gift of you and your love. Rest in peace. Rest in love.

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YES, I have a mother thing. AND while at one time I was self conscious or even a little embarrassed by that fact, today I am incredibly proud to have been and always be a “mommas boy”. FOREVER!

AND the greatest gift ever? I realized today that I will quite likely never breathe a breath without a Joyce in my Life.


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