The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Sergio Leone’s wonderful movies, often containing a young Clint Eastwood we couldn’t take our eyes off, were made of a simple elegance. At least on the surface.

Heading to NOLA I know it was my intent, and I believe JDT shared for her own reasons, to “prove” to myself I could participate in living how we want to live going forward. Surely this would include, or even require, compromise by JDT of her burning desire to adventure at 100 MPH. And it would require me to push myself “enough” in order for us to achieve the desired stasis. AND THEN LIFE HAPPENS.

Day 38 (of 51) and it was progressing swimmingly. We both had our separate outings yesterday morning in which we both achieved deep satisfaction. I came back from mine, prepped a little for three separate work “calls” and started down a new exciting path (more on that in the future if I have the courage). We had lunch at a new place to us – Herbsaint. It is top three in our fine dining lunch “category” (Atchafalaya, Clancy’s, Herbsaint – in no particular order). And we Ubered back. AND THEN IT HAPPENED.

I’m OK. I really am. Yes, a bit embarrassed. A bit scraped, bruised and quite sore. Upon arriving at 913 Governor Nichols Street I got out of the car. I felt dizziness coming on as the driver pulled away. I “drunk walked” toward the curb and fence beyond to steady myself . . . and I went black. No, I did not lose consciousness. The world just goes black to me when my blood pressure is so low it does not reach my brain. JDT tells me I nearly got to the “steady” state when I crumbled into the fence and sidewalk. I laid down on the sidewalk as cars drove by and people stared. I gathered myself enough to get up with JDT’s assistance. I made my way to the couch. I’M OK, I REALLY AM!

If it were me, I would re-write the above title to the movie as The Good (And Mostly Beautiful) & The (Sometimes Really) Ugly. And we all know I tend to use more words than necessary. I don’t believe in the concept of bad. Notice the omission? Not my nature. How can anything so wonderful as life be labeled Bad? AND this is my approach to the above episode and life in general. What is important to me is that I use this to assist in navigating our adventures. It could only be bad if I let it somehow curtail our efforts. Our struggle. AND I WILL NOT LET THAT THOUGHT PROCESS PREVAIL.

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