Morning Wanders

First, I want to commend Glen for his new “tendency” to go out and WANDER in the morning! My wanders often bring me the greatest joy of my day because…you just never know what you will find along the way. So below you will find some photos from today. I set out to Bywater Bakery to pick up some morning bagels (only on Fridays) and pastries. You may remember Saraghina Bakery in Brooklyn. It was a short 3 block walk and so I made that trip frequently. Bywater Bakery is a full 1.5 miles away and it’s hot and muggy even at 8:30 am so it’s a bit more of a trek…but worth it in so many ways! Happy Friday! Enjoy!

Yes. I stand with immigrants. They absolutely are the backbone of America…since its beginnings.
I also stand with Ukraine and beautiful architecture.
I love a good junk pile.
I’d like to meet these people.
One of the things that I’ve noticed is that there are artists who share their gift all over the city. You find the same messaging in various places. At the bakery I asked the owner about the coi I see painted all over the city including in front of his door. He said it’s just an artist who paints his coi around town and it appears that it’s anonymous like this messaging on the wall.
BEST Little Library ever!!!
Oh…too many things to write here…but this mural is one of them!
The Bywater and Marigny are true artist enclaves and there is beauty of all kinds displayed everywhere you look.
An alter?
And in closing…

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