Follow Up #2 to The Big Easy?

I promised to share photos of the rest of my morning yesterday. I don’t usually add lots of captions, but here the captions tell the story. Here you go…

Not sure what this means except maybe someone needs a martini?
This is on the handrail going up the steps. Hard to read…it says “I’d rather be happy than right”.
Here’s a couple enjoying a quiet morning of yoga.
At the beginning of the park, alongside the trail there are a lot of rail cars with lots of opportunity for local artists to share their work.
Well, thank you!
Could be a metaphor for some.
The river side is mostly wild…in every sense of the word.
I’ve never seen a pleasure or recreational boat on the river except for the tourist steam boats. It’s definitely a working waterway…still.
Two Navy boats in the distance.
Lots of old piers or platforms left to decay.
On the inside side of the trail there are some cultivated gardens and short pathways.
When you exit the park, you are in the Bywater. I really love this neighborhood. It’s very eclectic and artsy. There’s a real sense of community. It grew up as a support for all of the dockworkers and it remains gritty. I’m wondering who might sit in this chair.
I’ll be going here and taking some photos soon. Stay tuned…It’s a funky place.
I wonder if the artist will leave this black and white or if they’ll return to bring some color?
New Orleans really grabs onto you and I bet it’s really hard for some to leave…even though living here presents many challenges.

And I’m still pondering if I’m going to tell that embarrassing story…

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