Ceedamessenger – a continuation of The Big Easy?

So I left the café and took another right turn toward the river. I find that being around water always comforts and calms me and there’s this cool place nearby. You go over the railroad tracks on a bridge and drop into a long walking trail along the Mississippi River. At the bottom of the stairs is a huge covered space (4 basketball courts?) where people gather to play music, skateboard, roller blade, do yoga, hang out…From this covered space you walk on to catch the trail. Today, as I was heading to the stairs, I saw this message on the sidewalk. I stopped to take a picture of it because I love a good message.

A few steps further, I came upon this beautiful woman who stopped as I came up to a second message. She told me that she was the artist behind the messages. (I should have known based on her t-shirt, the paint-stained gloves, and the spray paint in her basket.) I chatted with her for a minute and asked if I could take her picture. She happily obliged and told me her IG tag. She said to keep looking – that I’d find more messages.

And sure enough…I did…

She’s painting another…
And if you look WAY down, you’ll see her painting another…

And then I walked on

So…just when I needed the message to “turn that frown upside down”…it happened. Isn’t it weird how that happens? Or maybe there’s a bigger plan…

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Tomorrow I’ll post some pics of the rest of my walk and maybe tell you an embarrassing story…if I’m brave.

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