A Nuanced Sentiment

Last Thursday (I know, as this is part of what I do) marked our halfway point here in NOLA. Interestingly, to me, I felt much differently at the halfway point in NOLA and NYC. In NYC, there was a real flow of sadness. A real sense of impending loss. Her in NOLA a sense of calm, or as my life coach Jim Kelley would say, EASE. As with many emotions, I reach inward to inquire.

Yesterday, JDT and I “started” our day by making the short walk to the edge of Jackson Square and Cafe Du Monde (BTW, in many ways my relationship with the “institution” is a microcosm for my relationship with the broader NOLA). On the way, early for NOLA (it is a late city), we passed any number of people out on the street. One way JDT and I are quite similar is our need for human interaction. Or as I like to say, inter-connectedness. This usually presents itself quite different, yet it is true. In this case, very similarly. We both like to make eye contact with people as we pass and put out a warm “morning y’all”. Yes, the phrasing is region specific, put the sentiment the same. AND it occurred to me, I think I “found” something.

NYC is not much for politeness. It certainly doesn’t value its importance and it resides clearly way down on the scale of priorities. The South? OMG, if not everything, it would reside very near the top. Yet!

Contrary to most held beliefs NYC is an incredibly friendly place. Once you get inside that often times gruff exterior, it is incredibly friendly. The South, a bit less so. While we have found nearly everyone exceedingly polite and have found many people that bring helpfulness, truly friendly is a different matter. We’ve both posted about Mike in Brooklyn. He was but one example. By the 3rd conversation with Mike, I had a sense of the essence of Mike. And, by the 6th or 7th, I knew things about him and his history that really revealed parts of who he is. Yes, the nature of the neighborhoods contribute; without a doubt.

As we were walking back from Cafe Du Monde we agreed it was undoubtable we will return to NYC for another bite of the Apple. AND quite likely we’ll feel satiated with our experience here in NOLA.

And YET!?!

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