This Is How We Do It

One and done! Success!

We knew that it could be overwhelming. We knew it would be hot. We knew that our patience with each other isn’t always stellar. We knew that we have differing music interests. We knew that we have different tolerances for crowds, standing, sitting, walking, heat, etc. etc. Guess how we did it?

To start, careful planning by Glen. Meaning that he bought the “bougie” tickets that offered some perks. (I’m going to let Glen share the details.) And shuttle tickets so we didn’t have to figure out transportation. And he perused the schedule pretty thoroughly. (I think there are 8 stages with music on each stage from 11:00-7:00.) We got the hot tip from my cousin, Randy that we could search Spotify by “Jazz Fest Weekend 1” to listen to the artists so we could choose new music to check out.

While at the festival, I did some wandering alone. Glen did some extra Blues Tent time (win-win – shade and music he loves). We ended our day in shaded seats with performances by people that Glen was probably not so interested in seeing, but the draw of shade made it worth it. The artists were CeeLo Green followed by Lionel Ritchie. Neither of them have been on our “must see” list though I have a soft spot for Lionel because I’m still a die hard American Idol fan. (Don’t judge me. I LOVE that show!) I probably gained a little more respect for CeeLo and let’s just say that we missed Lionel by 40 years, but he can still entertain and he clearly loves what he does. There is a reason that the Jazz Fest is sponsored by AARP!

Finally, the really the big ticket to our success? We gave ourselves permission to go for the marathon, not the sprint.

Day 2 tomorrow!

PS Bonus win! At the end of our day, our bus driver was kind enough to drop is off at the end of our street – saving us a final 1/4 mile of a walk at the end of a long day.

PPS I didn’t edit the photos. Too tired. More to come…

I forget…

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