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I think I get it?!?

Back shortly after I turned 60 I was “introduced” to European Soccer, what I’ve come to call footie. By introduced, I mean a dear friend (Todd) encouraged me to explore “the beautiful game”. Mind you, from some, perhaps many perspectives I am an over saturated sports fan. I’ve posted previously about my love for baseball. AND one of the things I have always loved about baseball is the pace. (I’m sure I am likely to post about that in some future musing.) I had attempted soccer many times before (World Cup, Olympics, CONCACAF, etc.). But it just never “clicked” for me. It was always too boring, too slow, too ?

Then in 2018 it clicked. Why? Well, I have thought about that a lot. Was it my entry point – UK (PL) and Europe? Was it America’s and Americans’ growing influence (FSG and LFC, etc.)? Was it a new client in Liverpool that I was able to share an amazing experience at Anfield? Was it the grand stadiums of Europe (Anfield, Wembley, Old Trafford)? Was it an away experience sitting (hardly!) in the LFC supporter section at Selhurst Park? Was it the complexity / intricacies of the business models (FFP, etc.) of PL footie? Sure, each of these provided significant connecting points. But not quite “it”.

Over the course of yesterday through next Wednesday occurs the two-legged (home and away) ties that are the Champions League semi-finals. (If you are not familiar with CL footie, I HIGHLY recommend.) Yesterday was the first leg of the Man City – Real Madrid tie. WHAT A MATCH!! Amazing, open, “hair on fire” footie. I woke up early and watched the replay. AND after I was on my phone and came across an article in F365 – Football’s Greatest Fear and Greatest Strength is Chaos. The article went into depth about footie and chaos and our desire, or even need, to have control. Hmmmmm?

I have learned during my health journeys that control is fleeting. What I like to say is, control is an illusion. I believe this to be one of the great struggles between our ego (conscious mind) and our subconscious. While ego wants nothing more than control, or status quo, I believe our subconscious is more accepting of the randomness of the universe. And, mind you, I am a planner. AND planning at its highest level is nothing more than the ultimate in attaining control. OR so I used to think.

My side is Liverpool. One of the biggest reasons I support the side is Jurgen Klopp. In all my 64 years as a sports fan (yes, I think I was born this way), I believe him to be the best man manager I have ever witnessed. The teams I’ve supported have had brilliant man managers (John Madden, Al Attles, Steve Kerr, Bob Melvin, Nick Saban – to name a few of my favorites). At its highest level, footie is organized chaos. I would love to sit down with JK and ask him about chaos and control. I am 100% certain he would expand my perspective. And not just about footie, but about life.

So, I think I finally get my passion for footie. It reassures me that yes, life is chaos. AND at its highest levels it is organized chaos.

Go Reds!!

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